In this video you will learn how to assign a domain in Bluehost that you purchased from a different registrar such as GoDaddy.

People new to domain and host purchasing do not realize that you don’t have to purchase your domain from the same place you have chosen to host your website.  Yet, when the time comes to setup their WordPress site many are confused about how to use a domain they have purchased elsewhere with their new hosting provider. Most people will typically go down the route of opening a ticket to transfer a domain which will cost you additional money.  This two-step video series will walk you through how to make the most of your unlimited hosting plan and to avoid incurring domain transfer fees.

Before you can “assign” a domain with your host provider you should have “pointed the domain” or “changed name servers” on the provider from whom you bought the domain.  Make sure that you have first watched Step 1 of 2 –  “How to Point a Domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost ==> before you watch this video.